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A Taste of Satisfaction- Cofee Blue

A Taste of Satisfaction- Cofee Blue
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The Taste of Satisfaction 

If you've been on a journey to find the perfect coffee, like I have, then hopefully you would have already stumbled upon the world renowned Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. If not, then let me help tantalize your taste buds virtually.


The Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is a rare premium coffee grown only within a small area in the mountains north of Kingston. The Cold Climate, Specific elevations and volcanic soils gives this coffee its unique taste, 'the taste of satisfaction' is what I call it. What makes it rare is its duration of cultivation to reaping, which is twice as long as any other coffee in the world, and the fact that majority of the produce per year, up to 80% is shipped to Japan, making it scarce for the rest of the global community to enjoy. 


The Blue Mountains of Jamaica


 So if you've been lucky enough to have tried the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, then obviously you are already familiar with the orgasmic taste that only it has to offer. At this point in my life I have deemed it my go to choice in exquisite coffees, until I find better. However, being a self proclaimed connoisseur of fine coffees from all over the world, I can firmly advocate that this coffee is undoubtedly the best I have ever come across. 


 It is through this passion and love for the uniqueness that is the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee that Cofee Blue was established. Offering a taste of Jamaica to the world. but what is there to brag about exactly? Everything!!!!


From any of the five estates Licensed to cultivate the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, you can engage your senses with this rich coffee that is full flavor, has a; nice balance, prominent fruit flavors, light acidity, and provides all the satisfaction one could want with a strong and intense aroma. The coffee beans from the Wallenford Estate, one of the most prominent estates offers a brew that is clean and crisp. It has a delicate aroma with floral, orange, and buttery notes. The flavor profile is sweet with chocolate and orange peel notes that carry through the finish, followed by more subtle minty notes that emerge as the cup cools.


Already I am sure that the taste is manifesting on your pallet. 


With Cofee Blue you wont have to wonder much longer about what the best tasting coffee in the world tastes like. From Jamaica, to your cup, to your lips we provide a full experience. Your taste buds will love you for it. Start that relationship that wont ever disappoint. Savor your experience with the taste of Jamaica, the taste of satisfaction. As this hot brew washes over your pallet allow your inhibitions to melt away. Slip into a bliss of unwavering aromas that calm your senses. Have you ever wondered what satisfaction tastes like? We promise that for you it will be Cofee Blue. 


Let Cofee Blue start your mornings the right way. Calmed and on a high that you wont want to release yourself from. From the hills of Jamaica to your home, the inviting notes of happiness can be enjoyed in three amazing ways; grounded coffee beans, roasted coffee beans, and whole beans. 



Cofee Blue is offering you the opportunity of better mornings, better days, better moods, the best tasting experience guaranteed. Nothing Compares to it. Relish in each sip, and become the best version of yourself every day with Cofee Blue. 

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